Wednesday, 18 June 2014

End of an Era...

End of era, beginning of a new one!

For the past 2 years I've been doing my A Levels, 2 of which are Photography and Textiles. But today marked the end of an era as I put up my work as part of an exhibition my sixth form holds every year. It's even open to the general public next week! (I think...)

As you can see from the displays I like to explore the abstract side to art, which means something like on the left started as simple swallowtail butterflies is now a large scale abstract butterfly swarm I created for my textiles final coursework piece.

This image was taken after making, therefore the quality isn't the best

I'm very proud of it I must say, cutting all those intricate butterflies out took me hours, almost days! I think that's what's so great about art, in reality you create it for yourself, you want to look at it and be happy with it. It's up to other people if they like it or want to look at it the way you do.

I created so many small samples and pieces before that butterfly final piece, but it was so enjoyable! I even took some of it with me to my university interviews earlier in the year and I have a couple of conditional places so it must be good! Well I like to hope so...

The right display is my photography work which I really enjoyed creating this year because we were basically allowed to photograph whatever we wanted for the whole year! As long as it stuck to some kind of plan of course! 

I'm most proud of my top 3 photos personally as it was part of my exam work.

I know that doesn't sound so exciting but believe me it was really interesting. As you can see the images are very different and abstract, but it's not some easy layering Photoshop work (although I must say that's what I started off with...). In actual fact I went back to the old school film camera and took these images with film, but no ordinary film! I soaked the film in god knows what over the time I experimented! Including lemon juice, washing up liquid, vinegar! The lot! And this is what I created! 

I am so pleased with what I have done over the last year. Everything is so different and I've tried so much more than I have before, I can't believe how it's all come to end! This time in 2 weeks all these wonderful pieces of work will be at home, and who knows what and where I'm going to put them! 

The main thing is even when there has been slightly difficult and dull times I really have enjoyed Photography and Textiles this year! So much so that I'm going to do Textiles at University!

Thanks for reading!

Chloe. LittleBitOfSassy. xx

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