Monday, 7 July 2014

It's Been Sunny!

Hello hello hello! I am back and I have plans for my blog so I'm hoping at least over the next 2 weeks I can post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! But no promises because I know 
plans don't always happen quite how you wanted them somehow... 

But anyway, on with the show! 

If you've been in the UK recently you'll know just as well as I do that it has been rather warm and sunny which means I've been able to sit outside! Not only does this mean I've got a bit of a tan coming on (come one everyone loves to sit in the sun just to get a bit of tan!) I have been able to sit and relax and do a few things! So this is just what I like to do while it's sunny!

Look at that Sun though!

So as some of you may know if you've been reading my blog from the very beginning I love to be creative especially with textiles, but also over the next month or so I know quite a few people who are turning 18! (Including myself! Excited is an understatement!) Therefore I thought what's more productive to do with my time than to make some hand sewn cards. 

Initially when I started this I had no idea where I was going with it but now I'm hoping to make some cards for my friends and if I have time I might start experimenting and making other cards maybe for people, maybe just to keep for an emergency card when you accidentally forget it's someones birthday. I try not to do that though, honest! 

Or if I really get into it I could sell a few, but I don't want to get my hopes up, I tried making cards over the last few years thinking there amazing but I never got anywhere with them. Anyone else have that box of stuff which you intended would have a purpose and til this day it still doesn't? Yeah that's my box of card making things!

When I'm not doing sewing I like to just relax in the sun so I've been doing a bit of reading to! I do love a bit of reading, I think everyone does when they really like a book just no one bothers or wants to let their little fetish for reading out! 

Believe it or not I've read this book about 3/4 times now but I just love reading a good story! I've read all of the My Diary Liz Rettig series but I have to say this is one of the best ones I think! I wish there was a follow on from this book though, hate when series come to an end!

You may think this seems a bit of a younger teen book but it's actually about people my age so it's very easy to relate to! I want to get into reading some more but books sometimes can be so expensive and I honestly can't remember the last time I stepped foot in a library! I do miss getting too many books out though and never being able to read them all, and that's when I had all the time in the world to read!

I would love to get a kindle so I could just sit and read all day! I have asked for one for my birthday but again I don't want to get my hopes up! Now I think about it I don't think that's one of the usual items someone would ask for for an 18th birthday, but that's me I suppose! Everyone's different. 

Sometimes however I do prefer a bit of lighter reading and keeping up with all the fashion and celebrity gossip, so I buy LOOK magazine every week. It's a great magazine and there's always something interesting to read inside. I can't really say much about a magazine but I have to say I prefer reading this to something like ELLE for example, there's a lot less ad's and more to read and look at!

So I guess that's it for this Monday! Hopefully I have plan's for post's this Wednesday and Friday so I look forward to writing something else for you to read!

Thanks for reading!

Chloe. LittleBitOfSassy. xx

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