Monday, 28 July 2014

Kindle Paperwhite Review

Hi, Hey, Hello!

If you've read my previous blog post you'll know I recently got a Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday! I've been wanting a Kindle or E-reader for a while now because I love reading but recently I really haven't been reading as much as I could just because I don't want to go out and buy a load of expensive books, because if you're like me I'm sure you prefer your own book rather than borrowing from a library. But don't get me wrong library's are great, I just can't remember the last time I actually borrowed a book from one...oops. 

Anyway I'm sure there's some of you thinking why not just go out and buy the books rather than getting an expensive Kindle to read them on which isn't technically a book. And yes I totally agree it was strange at first reading from a piece of technology rather than a real book and you don't quite get the same feel as a real book, but I have really enjoyed it because there really are some advantages to a Kindle!

So what is so good about a Kindle is what your probably asking, believe me when I say there is a lot which is good about it so you're in for long list!

  • Okay so first, it's really light and a lot smaller than carrying a load of books around with you. I mean think about it I have about 20+ books on my kindle at the moment and I can't imagine actually carrying them all about at once!
  • There's lots of different settings! Therefore you can read in the dark, in the sun, everywhere! And you can turn it anyway you want and read where ever you want without having any troubles with the book moving and being in the wrong place to read. And you can change the size and layout of the font so it's really easy for anyone to read, young and old. 
  • There's built in technology which means you can look up words you don't understand there and then, and you can take quotes right out the book and tell the world about them on twitter for instance!

  • You can flick backwards and forwards in the book without loosing your place and getting confused. Same as what you can in a normal book, I think that's a plus side. It's so much like a normal book.
  • It's in Black and White so for anyone who thinks it's not like reading a book, it really is because the pages look exactly the same!
  • It tells you how long it will take you to finish reading the chapter or book, personally I think that's great because I an choose whether to keep reading or not.

  • Finally, there is so much choice! As well as the books I intended on reading I have found so many more by the suggestions and free books available, which means I'm probably reading things I wouldn't have picked up in the shop which I think is great!
There's probably a lot more advantages to it, but I'm sure it's obvious what I'm trying to say, it's a great way of reading and a lot easier than having loads of books stashing up with no purpose anymore. 

Okay, so there is some disadvantages like it's not an actual book and it does have a battery which you have to charge sometimes, so no it's not going to feel like an actual book or look like an actual book, and you have to charge it sometimes which you don't do with a book. But for what it actually does and all the advantages to the Kindle I don't think I'm going to be disheartened. 

So there was go! That's what I think of the Kindle Paperwhite and I am going to really enjoy reading on it. I'm sure some you still prefer to read an actual book, so why not let me know in the comments below what way do you like to read? 

Thanks for reading!

Chloe. LittleBitOfSassy. xx

PS. If you liked this post about E-readers/Kindle then go check out this blog post by Lemontierres I loved it! 

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  1. I love this! I've had my nook for almost 2 years, and it's still going strong! Lol
    Also, another advantage which I might add, is that the books are cheaper on the electronic tablets, so it's kind of a long term investment, because you won't have to spend $20+ on books, which adds up over time!
    Lovely review! Love your blog! xx

    1. That's another great advantage, I've brought so many books because there so cheap, getting 50% or more off a book is so good! Thanks for reading, glad you like my blog! xx

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  3. I have nominated you for a Liebster award! Go to to look at what it is and the questions you need to answer. :)
    Jenny x

    1. This is such a great way of sharing blogs! Thanks, I'll schedule to do this as soon as I can! xx


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