Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Trip to the 'Movies' and The Lanes!

I've made it to my Wednesday blog post! I'd say that's an achievement! 

But before I get into this blog post I'd just like to say I didn't take any of the photo's below myself because forgetful like I am I forgot to take pictures of the day(s) for my blog! Sad I know, but you've still got my lovely writing to enjoy. 

22 Jump Street

Unbelievably it was a week ago now since I went to see 22 Jump Street at the cinema. If your anything like me you either go to the cinema really often or never. At the moment as you will see the cinema seems to be quite a frequent trip at the moment, but who can you blame when there's always so many films released in the summer! That does confuse my slightly though, why release films when it's sunny? Anyone else think there should be outside cinemas? 

Anyway back to the point, 22 Jump Street is a great film that if you want to have a laugh and you've seen the first one you will really enjoy! I hadn't seen the first one til about a week before, but if you haven't seen it and you want to see 22 Jump Street make sure you see the first one, it will make a lot more sense then!

Going to the cinema that day was all I did, but I then when out again on the Sunday just gone. Originally my friend and I thought we'd just go to the cinema because we hadn't spoken in a while but when I realised the Lanes Summer Fayre was on in Norwich, the closest city to where I live, I suggested we go have a look at that too!

I went there last year and the beautiful lanes of Norwich, like in the photo below was completely full with crafts, food, music and entertainment. I have to say last year when I went it was very hot and sunny so it was great, unfortunately this year though it was a bit rainy when we arrived in Norwich so we went to the cinema first then the lanes. 

I have to say there wasn't as much going on as the previous year but it was still very enjoyable with all the little trinkets and people buzzing about. I think if the day was a lot nicer there would be a lot more people, but it still good and it would be nice to go again next year!

Luckily it's also near the University I intend to go to in September, so hopefully I know my way round the lanes a lot better then too!

The Lanes when it's not the fayre!

This time I want to go see The Fault in Our Stars, something that everyone has been buzzing about recently and told me I had to see, so that's what I did! If you haven't seen the film I really suggest you do, it's such a touching film that you can almost learn something from, but unlike most people I didn't cry...I honestly did love the film though, I just didn't get as touched by it as some films. 

I don't want to go into too much detail about what I did during the day because it get's to the point where it's a little boring, but we also went to Bella Italia which was very nice and I had the classic Lasagna that you have to have when you go to an Italian!

So that's it! Hopefully my next post should be up on Friday, and just little hint to the post if you like art and creations, I think you'll like the post!

Thanks for reading! 

Chloe. LittleBitOfSassy. xx

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