Sunday, 24 August 2014

Get to know me!

Hello fellow bloggers and friends!

Recently I've had quite a busy week which means the last 3 posts have been scheduled and I haven't really touched my blog all week!
Now because I haven't been on my blog I really haven't felt involved in the blogger experience which means I haven't really read or commented on other blogs, no wonder I haven't seen quite as many people reading mine if I'm not paying them back with the same thing!

So I want to get back into the flow again and get involved with blogging, and on that note I want you to find out more about me!
This week I'll still post my normal 3 posts but I want to a special post on SATURDAY! 

As you can probably guess I want this post to be a Q&A so you can find out more about me, but I can't do this Q&A without YOUR help! 

So if you want to ask some questions, I'll be checking up until 8pm GMT Friday night so I can get the post up on Saturday for you all to read!

If you want to ask a question then go ahead and leave a comment below or ask me on Twitter with the hashtag #asklittlebitofsassy so I know your asking on the purpose of my post!

In the mean time keep reading and thanks for reading this post!

Chloe. LittleBitOfSassy. xx

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I read all your comments and try and reply to all of them too! Thank you xx

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