Friday, 22 August 2014

Some little Beauty Buys!

Hiya Beauty Gals!

I've had a little splash out this past few weeks and I thought I'd show you what I got! I must say none of this was intentional I just had a few ideas in my head that I needed some of them and well to be honest I could have waited a little longer I suppose...

Some of these I've had a while or before so I will do reviews on them soon, but others I've never tried and hope to maybe review them in the future, because who doesn't like a little review right?

Simple Eye Make-up Wipes - £2.66 (On offer at Superdrug)
This is a repeat buy which I haven't brought in a while, but recently I keep making small mistakes with my make-up and it seems a waste using a whole make-up wipe so I brought these instead!

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer - £4.99 (On offer at Superdrug)
Again this is a repeat buy, but in different colours! During the winter I found these and really loved them because there nourishing and great for the cold weather, however I brought darker colours then so I thought why not buy them when there on offer! 

I brought Celestial and Luna.

L'Oreal Studio Line Hot Straight Spray - 2 for £4 at Boots
I've used this before but not for a long time so I kind of forgot how much I loved it to be honest, and when it's on offer I'd say it's definitely worth the money! Definitely keeps my hair straight and doesn't feel sticky like some can.

Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation in Light Porcelain - £4.99 (On offer in Superdrug)
Now this is a new buy! As I've been trying my hardest with my skin routine I wanted to try a foundation with a lighter coverage than my normal foundation so I could try help in that way too, and I'd heard a lot about this one!
Unfortunately my skin hasn't been too cooperative at the moment, however I have used it a few times and I will review it hopefully next week.

Barry M nail polish in Black and Kiwi - Buy one get one half price in Superdrug
This is a new buy and an old one, I've used Barry M before so I expect the black polish to be nice and opaque and I needed a black polish, however I've heard a lot about the Gelly polishes so I thought I'd give them a go too, why not if there on offer right?

Nails inc Base and Top Coat set - £12 in boots
Finally I picked up a Base and Top coat, I haven't tried these particular ones before but I needed a new base coat, and seen as it came with a fast drying top coat which is my new love at the moment I thought why not give it a go!

On the plus side with all these little buys, I brought them from Boots and Superdrug which in the UK are drugstore shops so none of it was really expensive and they were almost all on offer except the nails inc polishes, and in my opinion I think that was good as these days drugstore polishes can be £6-£8 now!

Thanks for reading!

Chloe. LittleBitOfSassy. xx

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