Friday, 15 August 2014

They're Real Review!

Hiya everyone! 

I think this is the most typical review that everyone probably knows the answer to by now but I've been wanting to do it for ages and now I've really tried the eyeliner as well as the mascara I thought I'd review them both as a pair!

Okay so first I'll just do a quick review thing over both of them then I review them individually under each photo below.

The first thing I want to say is how flippin amazingly they go together! They are both VERY black and they both dry quickly and very matte which I think is great, especially when you want to be quickly doing your make-up in the morning for work or school or something. 

They also both create a really dramatic look together, but at the same time you could create such a subtle and shaped look because of the shape of both products which I will go into below. 

Finally as a pair I want to applaud Benefit for there packaging because they match so well and they both have there own statement about them that when you look at them you know there from benefit!

They're Real Push-up Liner!

When I first got this eyeliner I was slightly apprehensive with the tip as it's angled and I've never really got along with angled liner brushes, always pointed felt tip brushes. And I agree at first I really didn't get along with it, I was making more of a mess and having to adjust each eye because I just couldn't get them the same. 

However over the time that I have used it I think I have begun to adjust to using the angled liner and I now really like using this eyeliner. I think there's a few positive sides to it to be honest, now I've gotten used to the tip.

For example as I'm sure you might all know this is a gel liner in a liquid pen form therefore it lasts a lot longer than a liquid liner and it's only one part which means you don't need to hunt for the pot and brush to use a gel liner. Also it's very black and dries nice and matte which gives a great dramatic look. 

I think now I've gotten used to the tip it's also good to get really close to the lashes which means you can get a fine look to shape the eyes as well as a dramatic one. 

Overall I think I would rate this 8/10 simply because it took me a while to get used to, however for people who always use gel and angled brushes this is probably a god send to you and I would definitely recommend it. 
I've also heard L'Oreal I think do a similar eyeliner so if anyone's tried that let me know because I expect that's a lot cheaper and more affordable for some of you!

They're Real Mascara

This is my repurchase after repurchase after repurchase for me, no matter how many other mascaras I try from expensive to cheap I just can't find anything the same as this and always come back to it. 

For a lot of people I should imagine this is now more of an old classic because it's been out for quite a long time now and I'm guessing a lot of you have either heard or tried it. 
So what's there to say about it really? If I'm honest it's one of them finds where it does what it says on the box, when you get the box it has all these percentages over it which I pretty much agree with. 

For me it definitely gives me volume, length and a more dramatic eye. It also dries nice and black which works wonders with the eyeliner. 

Overall I think I would give this a 10/10 just because I'm forever going back to this and if I don't know what mascara to choose it will always be this one. I think it would be great as a present because then you get to try it before you splash out yourself for it as it's £19.50 but for me it's well worth the money and such a great buy!

And that's my review on the They're Real eyeliner and mascara, I have to say without a good make-up remover there a bugger to get off but I'm currently using the Liz Earle Cleanser and it comes off with no fuss and doesn't bug my eyes. 

Thanks for reading! 

Chloe. LittleBitOfSassy. xx

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