Friday, 12 September 2014

I'm a hunter for Sales! "DOUBLE FRIDAY"

Hello Fashionista's!

Welcome to DOUBLE FRIDAY! If you've seen my last post you'll know I hit 50 bloglovin' followers on Wednesday, however it was a rather busy day for me so I didn't end up posting my planned post! So today I have both Wednesday's and Today's post on the way for you!

So lets get going!

Over the past few months of summer that I've had off I've been able to look around different places, now when I went out I had no intention of buying anything however over the time I managed to find a few things that I absolutly loved! So here are a few bits I hunted for in the sales over the summer!

Left: Lightweight Neutral Coat from Next which I think I got for about £20 and was about £40/£50 full price. I've seen these sorts of jackets everywhere but just never found one I really liked and suited until I found this! I love it, it's a great autumn coat which keeps you warm but not boiling!

Right/Middle: Neutral Body Warmer from Fat Face. I'd seen these body warmers in Fat Face for absolutely ages and so many people seemed to have them last year however I wasn't buying one for £78 I think it was at full price! When I saw this for about £30 I had to pick it up, and because it's neutral it will go with everything over the colder season! Also the hood is sooo snuggly and warm, the softest thing ever!!  

I'm probably a bit of a late one with this pick up as well, a kimono! I know they have been around everywhere this summer but I never found one that I really liked and suited me well until I saw this in the M and Co Sale for £10 I think! I have to say I do really love it but those tassels can be a little annoying, they shred so easily and get caught on everything!

Top Left: I found this Jumper on the same day as the Fat Face item and thought they would work perfectly together! Although it's more of a winter item I thought seen as it was in the sale for £10 why not get it in preparation! 

Top Right: I found this in Bhs in the Dorothy Perkins section, I always find I find more in the integrated shops than the shops I the only one? I picked this up for £9, a three quarter armed top with a cute little squirrel on!

Bottom Left: These 2 tops are from Next which when I ordered them wasn't sure I was going to like, but there actually a really nice simple staple piece to throw on and look good! I think they were £4 each which is a very good price! What I also love is the fact the straps are adjustable which is great because I always find these sort of tops the straps can be far too long!

Bottom Right: Finally in this little quad, another top from Next which is more of an over sized top because it's a little too big for me but tucking it into a skirt or high waisted jeans could look quite nice I think! £4 I think this was!

Finally I picked up this tiger crop top again from next which I honestly don't know the price off I'm afraid! I don't normally like crop tops and I'm still a little unsure about this one but maybe with a skirt or high waisted jeans/shorts it would look quite nice!

Have you picked up anything good in the sales over summer?

Thanks for reading! 

Chloe. LittleBitOfSassy. xx

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